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Advanced Rights Management

Cultivate a positive customer relationship and retain the right to use the Visual Commerce assets you collect across all your marketing campaigns.

Full Rights Management Options

Explicit Permissions

Explicit permissions are the recommended method for collecting the right to use your customer’s pictures and videos. Luckily, your Visual Commerce curation dashboard incorporates rights management functionality to make obtaining permission easy.
3 Steps To Explicit Permissions
Request permission through the dashboard to post a comment on your customer’s picture or video requesting permission to use it. This is a great opportunity to engage and thank your customer.
You customer simply responds with a specialized confirmation hashtag of your choice.
As soon as the confirmation hashtag is posted, your curation dashboard will update indicating the image was approved and you can start utilizing across your marketing assets.

Implicit Permissions

Incorporate a rights management message in your terms and conditions to collect implicit permissions for pictures and videos when your customers share them on your website or use your brand specific hashtag.

Audit Trail Management

makes keeping track of and maintaining permissions for your entire media library easy.

Cloud Storage and Backup for All Images

ensures you never lose access to Visual Commerce assets even if customer’s delete them or deactivate their profiles.
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