Your Customers Are Taking Pictures of Your Products Don’t let this valuable content go to waste. Collect, moderate, and curate this content for use across your website and marketing campaigns, online and in-store.
Prompt Your Customers To Share Launch calls to action on your website, in post purchase emails, on packaging and, in-store displays to encourage your customers to share the pictures they take of your products.
Flexible Photo Sharing Empower your customers to share their pictures no matter where they are. They can share by hash tagging their pictures, uploading to your site, or sharing through your app.
Moderate, Obtain Permission, and Curate Easily approve and disapprove pictures, manage image rights, and curate content to display across your website and marketing materials, all within a single dashboard.
Rank Images Intelligently Utilize our proprietary Smart Image Ranking Algorithm to rank images based on a variety of factors such as views, shares, conversions, and more. By weighing the factors you can pinpoint and display the images that are proven to drive the results you’re looking for.
Associate and Publish Associate images to specific products, categories, and attributes, and publish across your website on galleries, widgets, sliders, and landing pages enabled with Visual Commerce.
Omni-Channel Visual Commerce Utilize your Visual Commerce content across your marketing campaigns, in emails, advertising, in-store displays and more.
Measure Regularly monitor the performance of your Visual Commerce platform with comprehensive reporting and gain insights such as the impact on revenue and conversion rate increases. You can also routinely track engagement metrics and identify your top influencers.