Flexible Photo Uploads Make it easy for your customers to share their pictures and videos. With flexible photo uploads your customers can share by hash tagging their pictures on social media, uploading directly to your website, sharing through your app, or submitting through a unique email forward.

Comprehensive Calls to Action We support a variety of solicitation methods and offer strategy for implementing Visual Commerce calls to action. Utilize post purchase emails, promotional emails, and onsite CTAs to thoroughly promote your Visual Commerce program and collect valuable content.

Smart Engagement Algorithm Left Arrow Our proprietary Smart Engagement Algorithm helps you send post purchase solicitation emails for visual commerce content in a timeframe in which your customers are most likely to respond. The algorithm factors historical data, product and category type, and customer response rate to intelligently set a timeframe for a post purchase email.

Content Syndication Left Arrow Syndication allows you to get the most use out of your Visual Commerce content by utilizing the images across your retailers, manufacturers, or other brand sites.

Smart Image RankingLeft Arrow Our proprietary Smart Image Ranking Algorithm enables you to rank and display your images based on a variety of factors such as likes, shares, conversion rate, and more to ensure your most influential pictures appear first.

Flexible Image Display Options Get your Visual Commerce content in front of your customers and inspire them to buy no matter where they are on your site with product and category association search result displays, product comparison displays, mixed editorial displays, and social hubs.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Left Arrow Now with Progressive web apps (PWA) in Annex Cloud's Visual Commerce Platform end users would see the Image Gallery, Image Slider widgets in offline mode. They can even able to click on the images and product links when offline. On resuming online users would be able to post their Like on the images.

Video Sourcing Display customer videos on your galleries and sliders with sourcing from Instagram and Twitter and YouTube upload capability.

Dynamic Cropping With dynamic cropping all images are resized to fit perfectly into your Visual Commerce displays to ensure they always look flawless.

Commenting, Liking, and Voting Build a sense of community on your website and boost customer engagement with commenting, liking, and voting functionality on your Visual Commerce images.

Intuitive Moderation and Curation DashboardLeft Arrow With intuitive moderation and curation dashboards you can approve and disapprove content, manage content rights, associate images, publish content, and syndicate to other website properties in a single dashboard.

Fully Integrated Rights Management Left Arrow With fully integrated rights management you can easily connect with image owners to request permission for their images. They reply with a unique approval hashtag and permission is automatically granted in your moderation dashboard.

Moderation Workflow Pass customer questions and concerns to the right department with moderation workflow. Images can be assigned to category managers for review or tagged with attributes such as “customer service issue” or “shipping issue” to be handled by the right department.

Image Hot Spots With image hot spots customers can identify and easily find links for the specific products featured in the image.

Ambassador Marketing Left Arrow With ambassador marketing added to your Visual Commerce platform you can capitalize on your most influential customers and give your ambassadors and influencers a place to showcase and connect with their fans right on your website.

Shoppic Left Arrow Drive conversion and sales directly through your Instagram with Shoppic’s shoppable Instagram feed.

Native A/B Testing We want to ensure your Visual Commerce content is delivering the best results. With native A/B testing you can create multiple Visual Commerce displays and run A/B testing campaigns, the results will be shown in your A/B Test Reporting Dashboard.

Omni-Channel Functionality Omni-channel CTAs and comprehensive rights management offer way to collect and display Visual Commerce content in your brick and mortar stores.

Internationalization Associate Visual Commerce content with the countries or locales where the products are available. Deploy your content across multiple country sites, and enjoy automatic translations for image and video captions.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics Left Arrow Monitor and optimize your Visual Commerce solution and marketing strategies with a series of intelligent dashboards including Net ROI, Influencer Reports, Interaction Reports, and Revenue Reports.

Fully Mobile Responsive and Adaptive All Visual Commerce solutions offer fully mobile adaptive and responsive experiences and support in-app use with a Annex Cloud SDK.

Cloud Storage We ensure you have full ownership and access to your Visual Commerce content. With rights management and locally stored content you will maintain access to your content even if a customer removes the images or video from their account.

Complete Customer Loyalty, Advocate Marketing, ESP and Other Third-Party Integration Seamless integrations enable you to reward customers for sharing photos, tailor Visual Commerce displays to a customer’s demographics and preferences, and effortlessly share and solicit visual commerce content through email campaigns.

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