Delivering Incentive Solutions That Build Relationships

At Annex Cloud our mission is to build great brand relationships through a better incentives experience. We seek to provide this experience through an easy-to-use platform, extensive global rewards, and expert program management supporting our consumer, sales, channel, and employee incentive program solutions. We proactively challenge, imagine, and invest in driving better experiences every day, with the end goal of increasing your results—motivated and engaged consumers or employees—without increasing your investment.

Large Capabilities for Large Companies

We offer one of the broadest and deepest product portfolios in the industry, each with a particular purpose designed to meet a specific business need: the right reward, delivered the right way, to the right recipient, for the right result. From North America to more than 210 countries and territories around the world, we offer a robust selection of desirable rewards including prepaid reward cards, your branded logo reward cards, gift cards, egifts, virtual cards, merchandise, promotional products, and more. The added flexibility of our fulfillment capabilities means our product lineup is ideally positioned for your program, whether domestic, international, or both. Additionally, we back it up by supporting you with superior service and an infrastructure built specifically to handle complex B2B and B2B2C programs.


Virtual Prepaid Cards

What is a virtual prepaid card? Identical to physical prepaid cards, virtual prepaid cards are used to make payments for on-going transactions while providing the benefit of being able to use online and over the phone orders.Your program participants receive benefits of a prepaid card, only faster and without the plastic. In the vast world of incentives, the virtual card is an innovative, efficient, economical, and convenient way to put your incentive in recipients’ hands for promotions and corporate rewards. Annex Cloud’s Virtual Prepaid Card is a fully digital reward option that will resonate with the growing population of digital natives. Virtual prepaid cards are available on both the Visa and MasterCard networks and are fast and cost-effective.


Universal Prepaid Cards

Annex Cloud offers an industry-leading collection of Universal Prepaid Cards. The prepaid cards are available as MasterCard®, or Visa® Prepaid Cards and can be used for purchases anywhere those networks are accepted, ensuring all cardholders can enjoy their rewards, regardless of their geographic location. This provides recipients with almost infinitely flexible purchasing power that lets each unique participant decide exactly how they wish to utilize their reward. Additionally, our prepaid cards are available in any currency amount requested by the brand.


5% Back to Cardholders

Provide your customers with the ability to earn 5% back at a select group of preferred merchants. The concept is simple: participants can use their Universal Prepaid Cards anywhere prepaid cards are accepted, but when they use their cards at approximately 75 select U.S. merchants (and 30 in Canada) they automatically get 5% off their purchase price placed back onto their cards, to spend for future transactions.


Third Party Gift Cards

Annex Cloud offers single merchant gift cards for popular retailers in many markets. Employees, consumers, and channel partners prefer rewards they can spend where they regularly shop, and our expansive collection of gift cards is sure to meet the diverse interests and tastes of every customer population. Our growing gift card collection includes:

  • More than 280 U.S. retailers (including more than 160 digital gift card options)
  • More than 150 Canadian retailers (including more than 60 digital gift card options)
  • More than 400 international digital gift card options
  • Physical and digital delivery of branded gift cards
  • Prepaid card choices to complement the gift card collection

Features & Benefits

There are several benefits of virtual cards,
some of which are listed below:


How it works

How do virtual cards work? Here are a series of
steps showing the user experience to activate
the Virtual prepaid card.

  • Reward Delivered to Customer Via E-mail
  • Customer Clicks on Link within E-mail or
    Visits and
    enters reward code
  • Customer creates profile and clicks “Redeem”
  • Card is Activated
  • Card details are securely emailed to the customer and stored in the MyPrepaidCenter

Virtual prepaid cards are becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers today. Due to easy availability of this information via mobile devices, consumers are now opting to choose virtual prepaid cards as the preferred mode of payment. Annex Cloud is pioneering this shift in consumer behavior by providing seamless, innovative and user-friendly ways for leveraging virtual card benefits within loyalty programs.

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