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User Generated Content
for Retailers


Energize customer engagement and empower your customers to promote your brand.

User Generated Content plays an important role in improving conversion; especially in the retail industry. UGC solutions heighten customer engagement and deliver valuable content such as customer pictures, ratings, reviews, videos and much much more to boost customer confidence and enhance your understanding of how your products and brand is perceived. make them feel special and improve conversions.

Energize customer engagement

Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts
With User Generated Content

Visual Commerce

Show Off Your Products and Brand in a Powerful Way

Customers share huge numbers of pictures of the brands and products they use and they love to flaunt new purchases on social media. With Visual Commerce you can collect this customer content and showcase it on your website in eye-catching and inspiring manner. Visual Commerce enhances your marketing efforts by giving your customers inspiring content that shows what your products look like in real life and how other customers use your products, ultimately boosting confidence and conversions. shares, social media popularity and ROI, resulting in a major hike in conversions.

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Ratings and Reviews

Use Customer Endorsements to Boost Conversion

Ratings and Reviews increase customer confidence, boost conversions, and enhances your understanding of how customers use your products and perceive your brand. Authentic opinions of fellow customers helps ease the doubts that might be holding your customers back from making purchases. These same authentic opinions also offer a glimpse into how your products fare in the real world and provide insights into how customers use your products and where you can make improvements to your products, merchandising, and marketing strategies.

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Questions and Answers

Answer the Questions that Hold Your Customers Back

Questions and Answers significantly boosts conversion by creating a platform where your customers can find answers to the questions that have been holding them back from making a purchase. There’s no way to answer every possible question in your product description, which is why you need Questions and Answers. Customers can interact with each other, ask and answer questions, and receive answers from your product experts and verified buyers, which increases authenticity, enhances customer engagement, and ultimately boosts conversion.

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Content Syndication:

Expand the Reach of your UGC Content

Our Content Syndication Network makes it easy to widen the reach of your hard earned UGC content and collect more valuable content. Content Syndication builds a channel between you and your manufacturers to easily share and distribute UGC content. This ensures that no matter where customers are writing reviews or searching for answers, they can submit and find the UGC content they need to enhance engagement and boost conversions.

Content Syndication

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