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User Generated Content
for Manufacturing


Break down the barrier and interact with your customers like never before

Connecting directly with your customers and building a relationship can be a challenge when most of your sales are driven through your third party retailers. Not only is it hard to connect with customers, but it can be challenging to gain a clear picture of what they like and dislike about your brand and products, and capture powerful insights to use in future marketing. With User Generated Content you can collect customer pictures, reviews, and questions and answers to help inform future customers, increase conversion across your supply chain, and gather insights from customers to improve merchandising and marketing.

Cultivating Customer Relationships and
Fostering Customer Advocacy

UGC for Manufacturing

User Generated Content for Consumer Manufacturing: A Must-Have

Visual Commerce

For most manufacturer brands, there is a wealth of visual commerce content on Instagram and Twitter. When customers share pictures of the products they buy, they hashtag the brand name over the name of the retail store where they bought it, but the challenge for many manufacturers is finding and collecting this content. Visual Commerce offers the solution by creating a way to collect the vast number of images shared by your customers, moderate, curate, and display them on your website easily to increase conversion and customer trust.

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Ratings and Reviews

A lot of thought often goes into purchasing manufacturer-brand products and customers often turn to the internet for research. However, for many manufacturing brands, controlling information on the internet can be a challenge because of the limited connection they have with customers. Our solution helps you tackle this problem by creating a way to collect and showcase authentic reviews from your actual customers. This type of content boosts confidence and assures your potential customers that your products of high quality and reliable. Our comprehensive omni-channel Ratings and Reviews solution empowers your customers to find and submit reviews anywhere, with fully mobile responsive and adaptive online integration, in-app integration, and in-mail reviews. The authentic content also gives you closer insights about your customer’s experiences and their thoughts about your brand and products to help improve and enhance future merchandising and marketing efforts.

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Questions and Answers

With the limited connection many manufacturers have with customers, it’s challenging to ensure your customers have the right information and a clear understanding of your products. Question and Answers helps address this challenge by making it easy for customers to ask questions and get relevant, helpful, and trustworthy answers from fellow customers and product experts. Questions and Answers creates a platform to directly connect with customers and build trustworthy relationships to ensure they will choose your products above the competition.

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Syndication offers a way to broaden the reach of your UGC content and ensure customers are finding the answers they need wherever they are shopping. Our Syndication Network combined with an intuitive Moderation Dashboard creates a channel to moderate UGC content and share it among your retailer network all in a single dashboard.

UGC for Manufacturing Syndication

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