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User Generated Content
for B2B Companies


Appeal to the rational perspective of your customers and boost your conversion rates.

The B2B environment is unique because the customer relationships are not based on an emotional connection to products or a brand and a lot of B2B decisions are made after extensive research. UGC solutions such as Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, and Questions and Answers puts trustworthy content directly in your customer's hands to help them make an informed decision.

boost your conversion rates

Visual Commerce

While Visual Commerce isn’t common in the B2B world, it can add a lot of value and immediately help separate you from the competition. A picture or video from a fellow customer is an indisputable testament to the quality of your products. You can run various brand specific campaigns to encourage your customers to share more pictures with your products and showcase them in enticing manner on your website and use them in your marketing efforts as well. Visual commerce is a great way to boost conversion rates and widen your brand reach in a short span of time.

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Ratings and Reviews

Deliver trustworthy content and appeal to the rational side of decision makers with Ratings and Reviews. B2B customer relationships thrive on trust and deliverability and authentic reviews are the most effective way to showcase your customer’s confidence in your product and its capability. Reviews even from a stranger comes forth as genuine and unbiased and showcase the real experience of a customer who has used your product. A Ratings and Reviews platform is a great way to showcase the quality and value of your product and appeal to the rational side of business decisions.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers are the best way to provide all the necessary and relevant information needed to make an educated decision. As B2B customers are less inclined to the emotional value of products, Q&A helps you quickly address concerns and resolve doubts. Q&A also has the benefit of offering a variety of perspectives. Depending on the question you can solicit answers from previous customers or from your own product experts and deliver the most useful response quickly.

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