User Generated Content for
Telecommunications & Utilities


Cut through the noise, stand out and create a preference for your brand.

Rapid growth in the telecommunications and utility industry has also given rise to fierce competition. It’s crucial for a brand to cut through the noise and stand out in order to connect with as well as retain customers. User generated content solutions such as Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, and Questions and Answers helps you quickly differentiate your brand and ease any doubts about your brand.

UGC for telecommunication

Ratings and Reviews

Consumers consider a lot of factors when choosing telecommunications and utility brands. And they have numerous options, to evaluate and choose from. Ratings and Reviews lets you showcase customer satisfaction and their positive experience with your business. The positive feedback and sentiments of actual customers in the form of reviews gives you a clear edge over your competitors. Ratings and Reviews build confidence and puts your future consumers at ease. It also gives them the much needed push to buy the product thus improving conversion rates significantly.

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Questions and Answers

When faced with lots of options, consumers have a harder time choosing a company and the choice ultimately comes down to who can answer their questions and ease their doubts quickly. Our solution helps tackle customer doubts and resolve their conflicts by providing them relevant and necessary information to aid their decision. Telecommunication and Utility products are technology based and need specific requirements, it’s very difficult to mention all the information on the product page. Question and Answers lets you provide detailed information, educate your customers and address any underlying concerns that may hold them back from making the purchase, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

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