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Customer Engagement

With User Generated Content

Foster Customer Engagement By Starting a Conversation Through User Generated Content

Customer relationships should not end at the purchase--rather, that’s just the beginning. It’s crucial to engage with your customers throughout the purchase cycle in order to foster loyalty and advocacy

A truly engaged customer is more than someone who just buys your products or services. They truly love your brand and demonstrate that through their actions, like creating and sharing user generated content including Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, and Questions and Answers.

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Conversation Through UGC

Visual Commerce

See the world through your customers’ eyes with Visual Commerce. Visual Commerce collects and displays customer photos and videos of your products and brand, both improving your brand’s visibility and giving shoppers a chance to be in the limelight.

By posting photos and videos of them on your website and social media channels, you make customers feel appreciated and personally connected with your brand. This further encourages them to be more engaged with you. The increased authenticity and contextual information that Visual Commerce gives your site also creates a stronger connection for your future customers.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews creates a channel for your customers to personally connect with you, voice their opinions, and showcase their true feelings. This demonstrates that you care about your customers and their viewpoints, thus strengthening your brand image.

Ratings and Reviews also provides you with valuable insights that can be used to bolster your relationships, refine your products, and hone your communication strategies. Reach out to your audience and ask them to contribute their voices--they’ll be happy to share!

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Questions and Answers

When shoppers have questions, don’t give them a reason to walk away. Instead, invite them to ask about their concerns and engage with your company in a meaningful way.

Questions and Answers helps you provide all the relevant and necessary information to your customers so that they can make educated decisions about your products. Shoppers with questions can interact with product experts and previous customers to learn about your brand or products, which dramatically heightens customer engagement levels and conversion.

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