Customer Advocacy

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Advocates are consumers who talk favorably about your brand and products, whether it’s through in-person conversations, following your business on social, sharing photos of their purchases, writing positive reviews, or more. Advocates are 5 times more valuable than your average customers because they spend more on products and deliver more effective recommendations.

Ratings and Reviews, Questions and Answers, and Visual Commerce help you build a strong community of customer advocates by providing effective channels for them to share their thoughts about your brand. These User Generated Content solutions also help you provide excellent customer service, attend to your customers’ needs, and thank them in order to create the culture necessary for advocacy to blossom.

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Customer Advocacy with UGC

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews lets you unearth insights about how your customers perceive your brand. It also creates a platform where your advocates can give their opinions directly to you and your audience.

Positive reviews about your customers’ unique experiences fosters trust and confidence in your brand among potential new customers. Ratings and Reviews provides an easy and effective way for your happy shoppers to advocate for you, thus increasing conversion and awareness.

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Questions and Answers

Customers always have some unique questions that can’t always be covered in product descriptions. With Questions and Answers you can cater to these thoughts, resolve any doubts, and drive them towards purchase.

Questions and Answers lets you direct questions to the person most qualified to answer. whether that's a product experts employed by your company or a consumer advocate who just loves your brand . Quickly and effectively addressing consumer's concerns is the first step in building advocacy. and it's even better when it's an advocates who's educating that potential new fan.

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Visual Commerce

Create a fun and engaging way for your customers to advocate for your brand. Customers are taking pictures of the products they buy and sharing them on their social media networks. In essence, they are recommending your brand to an endless number of people by providing visual proof of their satisfaction.

Visual Commerce lets you leverage these photos for more effective marketing experiences. You can efficiently collect, curate, display, and syndicate that content in shoppable galleries, as well as make your Instagram shoppable with zero implementation time. Apart from providing your customers a platform to advocate for you on your behalf, Visual Commerce also gives them a visual voice that adds context and authenticity to your brand.

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