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With User Generated Content

Selling your products online is essentially a necessity, but the process has its disadvantages. Convincing shoppers about the quality and capability of your brand without any in-person interaction can be tough.

However, User Generated Content solutions such as Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, and Questions and Answers ensure your customers won’t doubt their purchases. These solutions leverage the real opinions and stories of you customers to build credibility and authenticity for your business and products.

In fact, User Generated Content can lift site revenue by up to 18%. Left Arrow

Conversion With User Generated Content

Ratings and Reviews

The stories of actual customers are far more influential than any other type of advertisement, promotion, or even product description. Shoppers see customer reviews as unbiased and trustworthy because they come from real interactions with your products and brand.

With Ratings and Reviews you can easily showcase your customers’ real-life experiences and thoughts, which demonstrates the value of your products. It helps you build brand confidence and gives shoppers the information they need at the moment of purchase, boosting conversion rates significantly.

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Questions and Answers

No matter how detailed your product pages are, customers will always have unique questions that the descriptions do not cover. Unfortunately, many consumers delay or abandon a purchase just because they have doubts or are unsure about a feature. You can imagine the amount of revenue businesses miss out on only because of limited information about the brand or product!

With Questions and Answers you can offer the most helpful answers by directing shoppers’ questions to an expert or a previous customer. A quick and useful answer doesn’t just clarify customer doubt but also adds a human element to the process resulting in significant increase in conversions.

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Visual Commerce

It’s a widely accepted fact that visuals are much more compelling and influential than text alone. Plus, it’s not easy for consumers to be confident about the quality, compatibility, and durability of any product when they are buying it online. Combine these two facts to create a compelling story by showcasing images of customers using your products in their daily lives. This allows future customers to visualize your product in a new perspective and in their own futures.

Incorporating customer photos on your website and into your marketing materials increases authenticity, adds context, and boosts brand trust. Our Visual Commerce solution offers a way to efficiently collect, curate, and display these images and improve conversion and click-through rates dramatically.

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