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Customer relationships should not end at the purchase--rather, that’s just the beginning. It’s crucial to engage with your customers throughout the purchase cycle in order to foster loyalty and advocacy

A truly engaged customer is more than someone who just buys your products or services. They truly love your brand and demonstrate that through their actions, like creating and sharing user generated content including Visual Commerce, Ratings and Reviews, and Questions and Answers.

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Our UGC Solutions Amplify
Your Customers’ Voices.

Content for your business must reflect your customers’ needs, desires, and worldviews. That’s exactly why user
generated content is such a necessity.

Social Annex’s User Generated Content solutions, enhanced with our Smart Engagement Algorithm (SEA), rapidly deliver the most relevant and ROI-focused consumer content to your team and website. From there, it’s simple to use this valuable content elsewhere, whether it’s in social posts, ads, or marketing emails.

Content marketing solutions

Visual Commerce

Let your customers illustrate your brand with their own photos and videos. After all, a picture says a thousand words.

Visual Commerce enables your customers to tell their story of your brand. They get to express their feelings through images and also showcase your products in their true form. This helps potential customers to visualize your products and develop an inclination towards them.

Our intuitive Visual Commerce dashboard lets you easily manage rights, curate visual content, and organize it by factors like views, shares, social media popularity and ROI, resulting in a major hike in conversions.

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Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews enables you to get honest feedback about your brand and products. It gives you insight into your customers’ minds to learn what they feel about your brand and understand how they perceive.

Benefit from a never-ending stream of fresh, SEO-friendly multimedia content about what your customers love about you. Use this valuable user generated content on your site, in promotional messages, and in syndication with your retail or manufacturing partners. It provides a helpful perspective and significantly boosts your authenticity in the eyes of prospective customers.

Social Annex’s Ratings and Reviews dashboards offer reports on everything from ROI to sentiment analysis. These insights can inform your team’s own content creation, leading to more satisfied shoppers.

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Questions and Answers

Help your customers find the right information at the right time--the moment of purchase.

Questions and Answers gives you keyword-rich, evergreen content that makes sure that customers don’t end up abandoning their carts due to a lack of information. It also gives you insight into your customers’ problems, motivations, and interests to help you tweak your content marketing strategy to gain maximum traction.

Take advantage of powerful dashboards that offer customized reports on conversion, ROI, and more. Syndicate your own Questions and Answers content to other sites and host other brands’ content on your own.

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