Personalize Online Shoppers Experience with Loyalty to Boost Sales & Customer Retention

Heighten engagement with customers online by delivering more personalized and rewarding experiences.  Annex Cloud's Loyalty Experience Manager Solution integrated with Spryker's robust e-Commerce platform facilitate improved buyer engagement to drive repeat purchases and improved customer retention.

Integrated Platform Core Features

  • Customize the loyalty solution your customers desire to amplify sales & boost customer retention
  • Give your customers what they want and deserve, customize loyalty rewards including gift cards, coupons, experiences & more
  • Engage customers by facilitating a two-way dialog via Questions & Answers, Ratings & Reviews, & Visual Commerce solutions
  • Turn customers into advocates and lower your customer acquisition costs by adding a referral program to your customer experience
  • Easily tailor experiences by gleaning insights from our robust reporting and analytics suite.



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Platform Integration Benefits For e-Commerce Brands : A Quick Overview

  • Reward Customers For Unique Behaviors & Actions
  • Effortless Loyalty Campaigns Management
  • Seamlessly Drive Repeat Purchases
  • Foster Enhanced Buyer Loyalty
  • Increase In Average Order Value
  • Much Higher Customer Lifetime Value
  • Increased Referrals at Lower Costs
  • Overall Improved Buyer Experience

Infusing Loyalty into eCommerce Experiences


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