The complete Customer Loyalty solution with Springboard Retail and Annex Cloud engages your customers and motivates them to choose your brand no matter where, when or how they are shopping. An experience-based approach helps proactively guide your customer’s behavior. From repeatedly purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, connecting to your social media channels, and much more, you can create a customer journey that fosters genuine and lasting loyalty.


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A Retailer’s Guide to Customer Engagement & Omni-Channel Loyalty

In this 45 minute webinar, we review how companies can create loyal customers for life by integrating both digital and in-store touch-points with best-in-class marketing solutions. Learn how brands and retailers are leveraging Springboard Retail and Annex Cloud to power a data-driven approach to omnichannel selling. Plus insider tips on winning your customers through loyalty campaigns.


Springboard Retail is a purpose built cloud POS and retail management system designed for retailers, by retailers.

Annex Cloud seamlessly integrates with Springboard Retail to help brands engage their customers throughout their journey in a strategic way and help tackle brand’s most complex acquisition, conversion, and retention challenges effortlessly.

Customer Loyalty Solution for netsuite

Springboard + Retail

Annex Cloud delivers end-to-end loyalty programs tailored to fit any business need. Springboard brands can combine any number of loyalty strategies including Omni-Channel Loyalty, Social and Behavioral Loyalty, Manufacturer & CPG Loyalty, and Paid Membership Loyalty to boost customer retention, increase average order value, and improve customer lifetime value.

Key Loyalty Program

  • Cutting-Edge Promotional Engine
  • Loyalty Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • Advanced Segmentation with RFM Analysis
  • Native In-Store Program Support
  • Loyalty iOS and Android SDKs
  • Pre-Built POS Integration
  • Integrated Online Checkout Redemption
  • Support for B2B and Manufacturer Loyalty Programs
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrated Social and Behavioral Actions

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About Springboard Retail

Springboard Logo

Springboard Retail

Built for retail, by retailers

Springboard Retail was created by a team of retailers who have already lived your pain points, so they designed their system with the features and functionality that they know--from decades of retail experience--brands and retailers need to grow profitably.

Technology built to perform

Retailers come from all walks of life, so Springboard Retail was built to be user-friendly without sacrificing performance. Save training and IT costs with a proven technology solution for retail management.

Analytics engine with real-time data

Springboard Retail is mobile and in the cloud, making your data up-to-date by the minute and readily accessible, whenever you need it, on any device. Collect the custom data that is meaningful to your business and report on it with any combination of metrics and filters.

Built-in flexibility

From a single store to a growing franchise with over 80 locations, Springboard Retail POS was built to accommodate retail of any size. Scale up or down seamlessly and rest assured that your software will always be up-to-date with the latest tools.

customer success team

A Customer Success Team Not a Customer Service Team

Annex Cloud prides itself on an industry leading Customer Success Team. Our team is focused on guiding you through every step to launch and continuously optimize your Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, User Generated Content programs.

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