Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing
for Telecommunications and Utilities


With a rapidly growing industry, telecommunication and utility services are facing an increasing challenge to build loyalty and foster customer advocacy for their company. With stiff competition, it is getting harder to stand out and connect with new customers and competition driven campaigns are making it more challenging to keep customers loyal.



We build powerful software-as-a-service solutions to help you stand out from your competitors, increase customer satisfaction, and engage customers over a long and healthy customer lifetime.

Customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty >

With competition driven campaigns and consistent offers to buy customers out of their contracts, telecommunication and utility services need more than contracts to keep their customers loyal. Reward for everything from high-value behavior such as upgrades, equipment purchases, increased monthly spends, and autopay sign ups to engagement actions such as referrals, writing reviews, and connecting through social media. A powerful loyalty program creates true brand loyalty through ongoing positive reinforcement. Learn More

rafer a friend

Refer a Friend

Referred customers are 4 times more likely to buy, and with stiff competition referrals are a low cost way to directly connect with a large number of highly-qualified customers and build out your advocacy and acquisition channels.

ratings and reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Cell phone and utility service is a big investment for many consumers, and with a lot of factors to consider when choosing a brand, customers look to reviews to make a decision. Leverage your happy customer’s positive sentiments, to inform future consumers and increase acquisition. Ratings and Reviews also offers an excellent opportunity to address customer concerns before they decide to switch providers.

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