Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing for Retail


Between significant advertising noise, too many choices, little product differentiation and limited brand trust, retailers are finding it harder than ever to stand out from the competition and foster brand loyalty.



With powerful software-as-a-service solutions including, Customer Loyalty, Ratings and Reviews, Refer a Friend, Visual Commerce, and Social Login retailers can connect with new customers, combat high shopping cart abandonment rates, and cultivate customer loyalty.


Customer Loyalty >

Fostering long term customer loyalty requires retailers to continuously engage customers and build a strong relationships. Offer your customers a tangible reason to continue to buy your products and create channels to encourage engagement actions such as sharing, writing reviews, posting pictures and utilizing social login opportunities.

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Ratings and Reviews >

63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews. Combat shopping cart abandonment by providing trustworthy content in the form of customer reviews and give your customers the information they need right at the moment of sale.

refer a friend

Refer a Friend >

Not only are referred customers 4 times more likely to buy, but a strong referral program gives your company a way to stand out from the competitive noise. Referrals offer a more personal connection and get consumers’ attention.

visual commerce

Visual Commerce >

Customer generated pictures are plentiful on social media platforms and when used in marketing efforts they add authenticity and boost conversion rates. Visual Commerce offers a way to collect, curate, display and syndicate customer pictures for any type of marketing material from website galleries to email campaigns and in-store displays.

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