Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing for

Consumer Brands and Manufacturers


As a consumer brand or manufacturer, you face a few unique challenges in the customer journey. In the face of competition, acquisition can be a challenge because of a manufacturer’s limited ability to offer deals and discounts aimed at attracting new customers. It can be difficult to understand who your customers are and connect with them directly while being mindful of the unique relationship you have with retailers. And finally, building lasting customer loyalty is complicated when your customers face numerous options in the stores they shop and you are limited in your ability to build a relationship.



We create best-of-breed software solutions empowering consumer brands and manufacturers with customer acquisition alternatives and the channels necessary to establish and maintain strong customer relationships. With Customer Loyalty, Refer a Friend, User Generated Content, and Visual Commerce manufacturers can compete with retailers to draw customers directly to their websites, to collect customer demographic data and ultimately increase brand loyalty.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty >

Customer Loyalty offers consumer brands and manufacturers a valuable opportunity to directly connect with their customers and maintain lasting relationships. Loyalty rewards also create a way to stay competitive with retailer pricing while maintaining compliance with MAP pricing policies. Finally customer loyalty builds a two-way street for manufacturers to engage with customers. Consumer brands and manufacturers aren’t just limited to rewarding customers for purchases made on their retailer’s sites and stores or their own site, they can take engagement a step further. By rewarding customers for posting pictures, writing reviews, and referring their friends and family they create ways to stay connected with customers and the rewards and loyalty points encourage customers to continue to choose their brand no matter where they’re shopping. Learn More

refer a friend

Refer a Friend

Traditionally connecting with new customers in a strategic and measurable way is difficult for manufacturers. But Refer a Friend creates a channel to do just that while simultaneously engaging and strengthening relationships with current customers.

user generated content

User Generated Content

With User Generated Content solutions including Ratings and Reviews and Questions and Answers, consumer brands and manufacturers can gather information, unearth insights about their products, and gain an understanding about the way their brand is perceived by customers. This content can be used to boost confidence in their products and increase sales directly on their website. It can also be syndicated to the retailers who sell their products to increase sales across their entire supply chain.

visual commerce

Visual Commerce

When customers take pictures of the products they buy to share on social media platforms, they are more likely to tag the brand name than the retailer they bought it from. Visual Commerce gives consumer brands and manufacturers a way to capitalize on this free curated content, and collect it to use on their website and throughout marketing materials to boost conversion. And just like UGC content, it can be syndicated to their retailers to further boost sales.

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