Drive list growth by tapping into your social media channels


Drive list growth by tapping into your social media channels.


Create targeted social media ads by segmented audiences and tabs.


Built for Bronto Marketing Platform with easy integration.

About Social Bridge

Bronto Marketing Platform has partnered with Annex Cloud, an industry leader in commerce loyalty solutions for brands, manufacturers, and retailers to develop a more robust social marketing platform in an effort to replace Socialite which will be sunsetted in early 2020.

Social Bridge powered by Annex Cloud will includes feature parity to Socialite, which supports using lists/segments in Bronto Marketing Platform to create Facebook Tabs and Audiences.


Design social campaigns to reach the right audiences

  • Segmented Facebook Audiences for Marketing
  • Full Dashboard Capabilities
  • Facebook Tabs
  • Facebook Lead Ads (Available now!)
  • Instagram Lead Ads*
  • One-Click Social Account Access tokens Renewal
  • Multi-User Account Management
  • Segmented Google Users for Targeting
  • Customizable Implementation*

Full overview of the extended Social Bridge Features and Compatibilities Click to view >

*Features in development


About Facebook Lead Ads through Social Bridge

Facebook Lead Ads allow Bronto users to generate more leads within the Facebook platform through a custom form. Marketers can create their own custom lead form in Facebook by adding specific fields to reach their overall goal of the ad campaign.

Socail Bridge allows you to:


Daily automatic syncs directly into Bronto on all leads generated in FB Lead Ads


Access to download lead data directly through the Social Bridge dashboard

Read more about The Best Way to Utilize Facebook Lead Ads

Finding Success with Social Bridge

This 35 minute webinar will dive into Social Bridge and offer insight that will help you get the most out of the application.

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About Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud’s customer marketing platform provides a fully integrated Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User-Generated Content solution that works together to optimize the customer journey and deliver a full 360 degree customer experience.

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