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The Annex Cloud Social Comments solution is one of the best-in-class commenting platforms that allows users to post interactive rich-text comments on a website to create a community-like experience for users while also providing the benefit to the brand by leveraging the highly intuitive content for SEO. Content is fetched dynamically but cached locally so the brand can deliver real time on-page content for the best SEO results. Our advanced comment system includes the following features:



Interaction with the comment box area of the website can be gamified by awarding points or badges to the user. This not only increases engagement but also drives rich-text intuitive user-generated content to the website to boost SEO value.


Comment Reactions:

Comment reactions like upvoting, downvoting, liking, subscribing to comment threads are available to users engaging with the website comment section.


Social Sharing:

Live comments can be shared on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.


Comment Notifications:

Notifications are sent to moderators when new comments are posted as well as to users when their comments are approved and made live on the website.


User Mentions:

Users can easily mention other users by tagging their usernames within the comment box.


Comprehensive Reports:

Comprehensive reports can help the brand in measuring the engagement of their audience against individual content pages as well as analysing user performance as a whole.


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