Moderation is an important part of any user generated content system. This allows to filter and restrict content being posted on the website. Annex Cloud moderation features the following:



Auto Moderation with Profanity API:

Auto-moderation of profane keywords using a real-time profanity API. With an automatic profanity API you can block profane comments before they are submitted and give users an opportunity to edit and re-submit their comments.


Human Moderation:

All Comments are stored and displayed in your dashboard and you can approve and disapprove manually at any time. Or upgrade and Annex Cloud’s moderation team will handle it for you.


Moderation Made Easy:

Approve and disapprove the comments, sorting them to find the ones the moderator is looking for, viewing total reactions to the comments all in a single dashboard.



Moderator and user notifications are included to inform both parties when either new comments are posted or when posted comments are made live respectively.


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