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Social Annex is Becoming Annex Cloud

Social Annex was founded with the goal of giving brands a way to utilize their customer’s social presence and turn their site traffic into an acquisition channel with Referral Marketing. As our Referral Marketing Programs evolved, we quickly realized that our client’s best advocates were their loyal customers and strategically nurturing a loyal customer base was key to growing referrals. This led us to building Omni-Channel Loyalty Programs.

As our client network expanded and our Customer Loyalty offerings grew, we saw a recurring need. Our clients were looking for ways to reward their customers for more than just purchases and they wanted to expand customer engagement and increase conversion. We also realized that loyal customers and advocates were frequently vocal about their brand experiences and were creating valuable content that our client’s could be utilizing. From this our User Generated Content platform was born.

One theme that rings true to this story and our brand identity is the mission to continuously improve our products and build solutions that fulfill our client's needs. From the expansion of our products to customized functionality to tailor-made reporting, we have always strived to make sure we are creating solutions that suit the specific needs of our clients.

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Fast forward to today:

We have evolved into a comprehensive and best-in-class Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content platform. Not only can our solutions stand on their own, but when combined they create a symbiotic relationship in which each solution enhances the others. They work together to deliver a unified customer experience, a greater number of quality referrals and content, and more resilient customer relationships.

Our new brand reflects who we are today.

We wanted to stay true to our roots through color and shape, while better representing the company that we’ve grown into with a refined and modern take.

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Our Products

Loyalty Cloud

Proactively boost customer retention and lifetime value with a loyalty program that facilitates rewards for purchases and advocacy actions across all online and offline channels.

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Marketing Cloud

Strategically grow email and customer
acquisition channels and expand your customer base from your loyal customer community with a Referral Marketing program.

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User Generated
Content Cloud

Increase conversion and deepen customer
insights with comprehensive UGC solutions including Visual Commerce, Ratings & Reviews, and Questions & Answers.

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