Social Media Advocates

Identify and Nurture Your Most Vocal Social Media Advocates

Customers are vocal on social media about the brands they love. And, customers who are outspoken and active social media users represent an often untapped promotional channel. The Social Advocacy Manager empowers brands to identify, engage, reward, and nurture these customers.

Social Media Advocates


The Social Advocacy Manager makes it possible to find customers who are posting about your brand even when they aren’t using @tags.



Once you’ve identified a vocal customer, you can quickly reach out to them. Whether you just want to show your appreciation for their engagement with a quick thank you or you want to start the process of nurturing them into long-term loyal advocates, the Social Advocacy Manager dashboard makes replying to customer posts easy.



Incorporating loyalty incentives into your engagement process encourages customers to continue to post. You can reply to customers and encourage them to join your loyalty program and even offer them an immediate reward for doing so.



Once you’ve identified and connected with your advocates you can build a relationship. Encourage them to start tagging your company in their posts, offer them loyalty points for different types of engagement, and loop them into other marketing campaigns to keep them excited about your brand.

Benefits of Social Advocacy Management

The Benefits of Social Advocacy Management: