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Smart Engagement Algorithm

Timing is everything when encouraging
engagement actions from recent customers.

If you send an email too early, you run the risk that they haven’t had the opportunity to use the product and aren’t ready to provide feedback. But if you send it too late, you might miss their period of peak excitement, during which they’re most likely to write a review, answer a question, or post a picture. But don’t worry; we’ll help you find that sweet spot.

The Smart Engagement Algorithm (SEA) will help you:

Boost Refer a Friend Actions
Boost Refer a Friend Actions
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Increase Ratings and Reviews
Increase Ratings and Reviews
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Expand Visual Commerce
Expand Visual Commerce
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point 1

Factors historical data, product type and product category

The algorithm is designed to analyze historical data, product type, and product category to intelligently determine the timeframe in which a post purchase email should be sent.
point 2

Intelligently adapts to your customer’s response rate

Customers respond differently to different companies. The Smart Solicitation Algorithm is designed to adapt and learn from your customers’ response rates to continually improve your post purchase email timeframe.
point 3

Encourage any type of action

Use your post purchase email to request actions such as writing reviews, posting pictures, and referring friends.

Quality Over Quantity

Our unified platform enables you to send one post purchase email that provides calls to action for all your
Customer Loyalty and Social Commerce solutions. Use one post purchase email to encourage referrals,
request reviews, prompt photo sharing, and highlight loyalty point balances.


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