Annex Cloud Launches Smart Image Ranking Algorithm

Fully Automated Method to Categorize Product, User Generated Images Based on Transactional and Social Value

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Los Angeles, CA (July 15, 2015) Annex Cloud (www.annexcloud.com), a social commerce and loyalty enterprise software company, today introduced its Smart Image Ranking Algorithm (SIRA). The product is immediately available for retailers and manufacturers worldwide.

Annex Cloud helps retailers and manufacturers acquire, convert, and retain customers with the only purpose-built, complete omni-channel customer loyalty and social commerce platform. Through its software and best practices as-a-service, Annex Cloud makes it cost effective and easy for marketers to know their customers intimately, build loyalty and increase revenue.

The SIRA empowers its customers with the technology to overcome the challenge of organizing and prioritizing large number of pictures in a product gallery without any insight as to which images are truly impacting sales. Transactional factors, such as clicks, revenue, shares, and relevant comments, influence ranking as do social factors, including likes, friends, and followers.

“Social Annex’s new Smart Image Ranking Algorithm will revolutionize the impact of images in e-commerce by learning customer's preferences and showcasing the visuals that drive traffic, engagement, and sales,” said Annex Cloud Founder and Chief Strategist, Al Lalani.

Important to note is that the SIRA ranks both company and user generated content. Retailers and manufacturers globally recognize the difficulty for consumers to appreciate products from a small sample of photos. Images of products being used by real users in real life scenarios have more power than any stock images produced by brands.

This need for product imagery has forced merchants to drastically increase the number of pictures in a gallery, making it necessary to inject intelligence into organizing and prioritizing displays.

“Collecting and curating images in today’s highly social and mobile world is challenging,” said Akbar Jaffer, Annex Cloud vice president of marketing and products.“Our mission is to provide our clients with the resources to acquire, convert and retain customers. The SIRA will not only increase the amount of time individuals spend on a website, but will also boost conversions by prioritizing the highest quality, contextual images that enrich the on line shopping experience.”

Annex Cloud product suites include Customer Loyalty programs, Sharing and Referrals programs, Contests, Login Services, User Generated Content, and Visual Commerce. The Company offers a fully Managed Service as part of its one-price subscription designed to assist customers throughout their customer life cycle and business growth.

Only Social Annex combines social commerce and customer loyalty capabilities into a single platform. The platform comes pre-integrated with industry-leading eCommerce Platforms, marketing automation systems, email service providers (ESP), social media networks, point of sale (POS) systems, and popular customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

ABOUT Annex Cloud

Founded in 2010, Annex Cloud is an enterprise Software-as-a-Service company that helps the leading brands worldwide acquire convert, and retain customers with the only purpose-built, complete omni-channel customer loyalty and social commerce solution. Annex Cloud's product suites include Customer Loyalty, Sharing and Referrals, Contests, Login Services, User Generated Content, and Visual Commerce programs.

For additional information, please visit www.annexcloud.com or call 1-866-802-8806.

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