Single Sign-On enables your customers to create one account for multiple web properties, so they don’t have to login multiple times as they navigate across your different brands or websites. This makes navigation between your websites seamless, reduces friction during checkout, deepens customer insights, and improves the overall customer experience.

Advantages of Single Sign-On
  • Reduce friction for customers who navigate multiple web properties or brands in your portfolio
  • Consolidate customer data and purchase history for a more comprehensive view of your customer and better targeting
  • Increase your level of security and your customer’s confidence in your brand

We Make Sure Integrating Single Sign-On is Simple

Whatever your need for single sign-on is, Annex Cloud takes the hard work out of uniting your multiple web properties under a single set of customer credentials.

Inheriting Customer Info

Our system will inherit and authenticate all customer data and login information from any number of servers.

Route the Login Through Your Master Server

We then match the email addresses and data coming from your various servers to create unified customer profiles.

Route the Login Through Your Master Server

Finally we route the login system through the server you have chosen as your master server. No matter what we property your customer uses to log-in, they will be logging-in through one system so all their data, contact information, activity, and purchase history will be unified.

Your Customers’ Experience

No matter where your customer signs in, their login credentials will be the same and their user experience will always match the website their on.

For New Customers:

New customers only have to create and remember one login for your entire network.

For Old Customers:

We match their emails across the various web properties so all of their passwords work across your entire network.