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Annex Cloud Announces the Shoppic Scheduler,
a Shoppable Social Post Scheduler

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with a complete platform of Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing solutions, is debuting a shoppable post scheduler for its Visual Commerce solution.

The Shoppic Scheduler links to a company’s Shoppic.me shoppable Instagram gallery to post content that directs users to their product pages. It works in three simple steps:

  • Add owned or earned content to the Shoppic.me library. This is where teams can associate it with products, including multiple products within the same image.
  • Set the date, time, and other post details.
  • Review the post and share it to Instagram or Pinterest. This occurs via a notification from the Shoppic Scheduler app. From there, the content is automatically also posted to a brand’s shoppable gallery.

Benefits of the Shoppic Scheduler

The Shoppic Scheduler combines two vital tools for social media teams: a shoppable Instagram solution and a post scheduler.

The fact that Instagram does not allow live links in regular posts means that it can be challenging to direct followers to a website’s product pages. Proving ROI is consequently made more difficult. Shoppable Instagram solutions like Shoppic.me address this problem with a gallery that mirrors a brand’s Instagram gallery and links out to product pages. With zero implementation time, social media teams have a direct measurement of the traffic they send to their site. Plus, site visitors referred by Shoppic.me spend 30% more time on-site.

When Shoppic.me meets a scheduler, social media teams immediately have an easier workflow. Instead of needing to post or schedule content and then separately associate it with products, a team can take care of both tasks at once.

What Makes the Shoppic Scheduler Special

Several features make Annex Cloud’s Shoppic Scheduler stand out from the few other shoppable post schedulers.

Annex Cloud’s Visual Commerce solution comes with SIRA--the Smart Image Recognition Algorithm. This allows teams to weight the photos displayed in a gallery by factors like revenue driven, likes on social, clicks, and more. SIRA helps businesses who have Shoppic.me galleries predict which images will perform best.

Visual Commerce comes on a modular, unified platform of advocate marketing, user generated content, and customer loyalty solutions. Companies that want to integrate Visual Commerce with, for example, their loyalty program or product reviews can easily do so and enjoy enhanced analytics and a lower total cost of ownership.

Moreover, all Annex Cloud solutions come with a dedicated Customer Success Team as well as comprehensive and customizable analytics reports and extensive integrations with third-party platforms.

Learn more about Annex Cloud and its Shoppic shoppable post scheduler here.

“The Shoppic Scheduler is a move to make the process of creating shoppable social content as seamless as the process of enjoying it. Now it’ll be even easier for our clients to boost acquisitions and conversions with engaging, shoppable visuals.” - Diana Smith, Director of Product, Annex Cloud

ABOUT Annex Cloud

Social Annex offers the only complete customer loyalty and advocate marketing platform that transforms browsers into loyal brand advocates. The unified platform of Customer Loyalty, User Generated Content, Social Login, Refer a Friend, and Visual Commerce solutions work together to deliver comprehensive customer data and seamless customer experiences. Learn more about our platform, fully managed services, and pre-built integrations at www.annexcloud.com

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