When Loyal Meets Social: Online & In-Store

Communication is crucial when it comes to the quality of any relationship.

Are you bringing something worthwhile to the relationship between your brand and your customers? Are you actually earning your customers’ loyalty?

The teams at Annex Cloud and Blue Moon Digital believe that the success of a brand doesn’t merely depend on the value of a customer’s single purchase. Rather, it’s about the value that a customer offers over their lifetime, both as purchasers and as communicators.

Foster stronger relationships and increase customer lifetime value with a 360-degree view of your audience!

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to entertain and engage your customers beyond the purchase
  • The importance of brand advocacy and how to nurture it with loyalty
  • Best practices for marketing a comprehensive omni-channel loyalty program
  • Real-world examples of businesses who are winning the advocate loyalty game

Learn more about advocate loyalty and our partnership with Blue Moon Digital.

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