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Advocate Loyalty with LYONSCG and Annex Cloud

LYONSCG and Annex Cloud complement each other to deliver unparalleled e-commerce experiences. Between the former's tailored and holistic consulting and implementation services and the latter's customized, comprehensive advocate marketing and customer loyalty solutions, we ensure that every facet of your business is optimized.

This webinar will explore our partnership and showcase how advocate marketing and customer loyalty, whether on their own or combined, deliver superior results. We will address topics including:

  • The best ways to turn your site browsers into advocates who contribute content, refer friends, share news about your business, and more
  • Which businesses are excelling in the realms of advocate marketing and customer loyalty
  • How to merge your retention, conversion, and acquisition strategies for a stronger ecosystem
  • How a unified, modular platform enables companies to reach a whole new level of intelligent marketing
  • What type of results companies that employ these tactics usually see