, Summit Sports LLC, is an online action sporting goods store that aims to provide an online shopping experience that is as good as or better than an in-store experience.


Summit Sports came to Annex Cloud when their contract with their current Ratings and Reviews provider was coming to an end. They were excited about the extensive marketing opportunities with social commerce but had been limited to Ratings and Reviews and Questions and Answer tools with their current vendor.

Summit wanted to work with a company that:

  • Could scale with them to meet their current as well as future needs.
  • Would work within a budget and wanted to avoid complications like inefficacies in gathering data and problems with attribution inherently associated with integrating tools from multiple vendors on multiple platforms.
  • Allows for more customization of their already established Ratings and Reviews and Q&A tools. 

Summit needed a team that could solve these problems quickly, as their contract was coming to an end and they wanted to avoid signing up for another year with a vendor who wasn’t able to meet their needs.

Lastly, Summit was looking for a partner that would work as an extension of their team and have a vested interest in their success.

Annex Cloud was their choice.


Annex Cloud has been a great partner for us because they are able to rapidly customize their offerings to our requests. At times we see our features requests implemented within weeks, days, and sometimes even within hours of submitting them. It’s good to be working with a company that is able to implement and make updates quickly – and at times with little to no effort on our end.

Scott Touchette
Director of Technology at


Annex Cloud’s social commerce solutions are built from the ground up and offer a comprehensive list of tools created on a single database. They are accessed through a single admin panel and utilize the same technologies to enable customization and quick implementations. The centralized and comprehensive nature of Annex Cloud’s tools was exactly what Summit was looking for.

Annex Cloud was able to work within Summit’s tight deadline, implementing the new Ratings and Reviews and Q&A tools and transferring 33,000 reviews and 10,923 questions and answers to the new system in a few weeks. The Annex Cloud team also simultaneously implemented customized Social and Onsite Contests, expanding Summit’s social commerce marketing efforts within a few days.

With Annex Cloud’s comprehensive analytics dashboard Summit had access to customized curation reports with robust functionality including strong sorting capabilities on Ratings and Reviews and alerts on Q&A.

Results + Benefits

51% Increase in contest entries

Increase in contest entries


Increase in site traffic

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