Secure Referrals: Keeping Your Bottom Line Safe

Your Referral Marketing program’s incentives are there for a good reason: to encourage your satisfied customers to recommend your products and brand and to provide an extra nudge to newly referred shoppers.

Sometimes, though, people try to game the system. Referral fraud usually occurs when a user attempts to refer himself or uses bots to gather rewards.

You can rest assured with Annex Cloud’s state-of-the-art referral fraud prevention capabilities. Our four-layered security protocol protects you in the case of any event.

7 Crucial Referral Fraud Prevention Tips

Multiple Action Options

Your Referral Marketing fraud dashboard can flag or block fraud attempts, depending on the level of caution you want to exercise. You can also allow certain email addresses, IP addresses, or domain names to bypass your referral fraud restrictions.

Multiple Action Options

Four Layers of Security

Four Layers of Security

Our flexible fraud prevention capabilities let you flag or block possible fraud attempts on the basis of four kinds of data.

  1. Cookie-Based Fraud Prevention
  2. Personal Data-Based Fraud Prevention
  3. IP Address or Device ID-Based Fraud Prevention
  4. Abnormal Activity-Based Fraud Prevention

Best Practices and Oversight from Our Customer Success Team

  • Your Customer Success Team will guide you through the best practices for referral fraud prevention. Every business has different needs, customers, and concerns, and we always take yours into consideration. Draw on our marketing, retail, e-commerce, and technology expertise to ensure that you’re making the best choices for your business.
  • Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that Annex Clouds Customer Success Team is continuously monitoring your Referral Marketing program. With 24/7 support, nothing bypasses us.
Referral fraud prevention

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