Omni-Channel Referral Capability  left arrow Receipt based referrals, app integration, and referral packaging all facilitate complete omni-channel referrals so your customers can refer their friends whenever and wherever they want to.

Native Product Sharing Sharing capability built directly into your product pages allows your customers to easily share their favorite products with their friends and family.

Native Post Purchase Sharing Integrate sharing capability into your order confirmation page and give customers a way to share when they’re most excited about their purchase.

Fraud Prevention  left arrow A four-layered security protocol offers peace of mind that your referral system is always safe. Cookie based fraud prevention, personal data-based fraud prevention, IP address based fraud prevention, and abnormal activity-based fraud prevention ensure you can catch and stop any fraudulent referral activity quickly. You can also set up custom rules to automatically block users or create exclusion lists for customers or brand ambassadors who may drive an unusual number of referrals.

Top Influencer Reporting  left arrow Influencer reporting offers insights into which of your customers are driving the most referral activity and revenue and help you build strategies to nurture these active referrers.

Progressive web apps (PWA)  left arrow Get details on the landing page like Facebook share, Twitter share, email share, and Referral rewards would be displayed offline mode with Annex Cloud's Refer a Friend platforms Progressive Web Apps (PWA) capability.

Complete Customization Customize every aspect of your referral program from calls to action to rewards and design. Your referral program should always reflect your brand and we work to ensure your customers never know Annex Cloud is there.

Efficient Referral Management  left arrow We make referral management easy. Reward users for their referrals using unique coupon codes, gift cards, loyalty rewards, store credits or 3rd party rewards. An intuitive rewards management dashboard offers a central location to upload and manage coupon codes, track reward redemption, and manage any reward related questions.

Customizable Referral Campaigns  left arrow Run multiple referral campaigns with different incentives, user experiences, and varying audiences at the same time to tackle multiple goals at once.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics  left arrow Comprehensive reporting and analytics around your referral marketing program allow you to track everything from revenue driven, to customer engagement, and campaign effectiveness. Create custom reports to monitor your specific goals and inform future enhancements and strategies.

Built-In A/B Testing A/B testing is natively built into your referral program allowing you to efficiently test different user experiences, calls to action, and rewards to ensure your referral program is in peak performance.

Native Customer Loyalty Program Integration Native loyalty program integration makes it easy to reward referrals with customer loyalty points. Tying your programs together enhances your customers’ experience and boosts participation in both programs, simultaneously driving higher acquisition and retention rates.

Extensive 3rd Party Solution Integrations  left arrow Our Referral Marketing program offers extensive pre-built 3rd party integrations with top ecommerce, ESP, and POS service providers. This makes getting your program up and running easy and delivers a more seamless customer experience and better data.

Referral Marketing Checklist

Make sure you're getting the best return on your referral program.

Referral Marketing Checklist

Make sure you're getting the best return on your referral program.

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