ROI Oriented Referrals

Get to know the customers who are driving referrals and keep tabs on your referral program with comprehensive reporting.

Keep Tabs on Revenue and ROI

Track your referral program’s contribution to your bottom line with comprehensive revenue and ROI reporting. ROI reporting offers insights such as referral orders, conversion rates, and direct revenue, while the comprehensive revenue reporting breaks down where your referral revenue is coming from.

Referral program - Dashboard

Monitor Activity by Channel

Find out which channels are driving the most referrals and orders to help optimize your solution and strategy.

Monitor Activity by Channel

Get to Know Your Influencers

Discover which customers are driving the most successful referrals and acting as an influencer for your brand. Influencer reporting helps you devise strategies to nurture and grow your influencer network.

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Know Your Influencers

Learn About Your Customers

Referral marketing offers a great opportunity to connect with customers over social media and unearth a wealth of social graph data. Demographic reporting helps break down customer data and offers data such as age, gender, and region to build intelligent customer segments.

Referral Marketing - Demographic Reporting

Tailored Reporting and Scheduling

If our standard reports don’t cover everything you need, we’ll work with you to create tailored reports. We can also set up scheduling to ensure everyone on your team receives the reporting they need when they need it.

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