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Leverage Refer a Friend Benefits To Significantly Expand Your Customer Base With Quality Referrals

Your loyal customers’ social networks are filled with more potential customers. Refer a Friend enables you to tap into these communities and connect with highly qualified shoppers who are more likely to convert into paying customers.

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Refer a Friend Benefits For Clients & Customers:


Client Benefit:

  • Your power users do the heavy lifting for you, grow your brand through your loyal customers
  • Organically drive new users to your website
  • Completely customized experiences mesh with your brand
  • Increase brand awareness organically
  • Advanced analytics help you understand user behavior and optimize for the best experience
  • You have complete control, we will build your Refer-a-Friend product to best fit your needs
  • A dedicated team and resources to utilize your integration as best as possible
Advantages of Refer a Friend Programs
Refer a Friend - Client Benefit
Refer a Friend Customer Benefit

Customer Benefit:

  • Ability to share with friends and earn discounts, credit, or rewards
  • Share your love for the brand and get friends involved
  • Get multiple rewards for multiple shares
  • Sharing in a way that works for them, whether that’s via social media, email, text or even in-person
Refer a Friend - Banner Image

Approaches To Maximizing Refer a Friend Program Performance:

Maximizing the performance of a Refer a Friend program involves marketing the program. We’ve shared some of our best tips for marketing your program, but your customers success manager will work with you to design a strategy that works best for you.

Email Marketing Campaigns: dedicated referral email, recruitment, reward reminders and expiration emails

Email Marketing Campaigns

CTA’s in standard marketing emails: welcome, order confirmation, review solicitation, newsletter sign up

Email Marketing Campaigns

Additional CTA’s across the site: Order Confirmation, My Account, Top Header

Refer a Friend Additional CTA

Promoted Post on Social Media

Promoted Post on Social Media
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