Annex Cloud Debuts the Native Receipt Scanning,
a Groundbreaking Loyalty and Data Solution

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Palm Springs, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with a complete platform of Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing solutions, is announcing the debut of an exciting new addition to its solutions for omni-channel loyalty for manufacturers and brands--the Native Receipt Scanning.

The Native Receipt Scanning represents a new way for branded manufacturers who sell products through retailers to identify, connect with, and nurture loyal customers. It plugs into a brand’s loyalty program to gather more loyalty members, accumulate valuable data--including information about shoppers’ third-party purchases--and help reward customers for their continued business.

How the Native Receipt Scanning Works

On the simplest level, the Native Receipt Scanning lets shoppers in a manufacturer’s loyalty program submit third-party receipts in order to earn points for purchases. They can do so through three methods:

  • Receipt scanning with a camera phone and mobile upload
  • SMS receipt forwarding
  • Email receipt forwarding

However the shopper submits a receipt, it will be processed, stored in a database, and used to award points. In the case of physical receipts, the Native Receipt Scanning uses optical character recognition (OCR) to process the data. The Native Receipt Scanning is pre-integrated with a continuously growing list of top retailers, so receipt formats from a wide range of sellers are instantaneously recognized.

Benefits of the Native Receipt Scanning

In addition to the regular benefits associated with a well-executed omni-channel loyalty program--like a 5-20% increase in repeat purchase rate and average order value--the Native Receipt Scanning presents manufacturers whose customers are typically obscured by retailers with a new chance to identify and communicate with them.

Customers respond to the convenience of earning loyalty points for purchasing items they love in their regular routines. 15% or more of an in-store customer group will sign up for a loyalty program due to the convenience of the Native Receipt Scanning.

Perhaps most importantly, when loyalty members submit their third party receipts to a manufacturer, they’ll be sharing highly actionable data. Companies using the Native Receipt Scanning can see what other purchases their loyalty members are making, and use that information to refine their product development, market positioning, packaging, and so much more.

Discover more about the Native Receipt Scanning here.

Additionally, those attending the eTail West Conference this week in Palm Springs can visit Annex Cloud at Booth W18 and hear Founder and Chief Strategist Al Lalani give the opening and closing remarks for the final day of the conference on Thursday, March 2.

“The Native Receipt Scanning gives branded manufacturers a trio of new opportunities. First, they can identify and develop strong relationships with customers that they previously couldn’t pinpoint. Better still, they now have the chance to foster advocacy among these shoppers. Finally, they can refine so many components of their business thanks to their unprecedented access to retailer data.” - Diana Smith, Director of Product, Annex Cloud.

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