Monitor, measure, and optimize your Ratings and Reviews to boost performance and conversion. Unearth insights to strengthen your merchandising and marketing strategies.

optimize your Ratings and Reviews

Track Bottom Line Contribution

Monitor the financial impact of Ratings and Reviews with metrics including orders, revenue, and conversion rates.

Ratings and Reviews - Dashboard

Monitor Ratings and Reviews at Scale

Understand how customers are rating your products and track review coverage to ensure that all of your products have enough content.

Monitor Ratings and Reviews

Strengthen Merchandising

Monitor reviews and receive alerts for products with rapidly decreasing ratings. Direct customer feedback can help your merchandising team quickly address customer concerns and improve overall strategy.

Strengthen Merchandising

Improve Customer Service

Add review attributes and monitor product reviews that raise concerns with issues like customer service, shipping, and fit issues. With alerts and team assignments, your customer service team can quickly discover and address customer concerns to turn negative experiences around.

Ratings and Reviews - Improve Customer Service

Unearth SEO Insights

Track common terminology and customer references through Ratings and Reviews to unearth keywords you might not have otherwise been aware of.

Ratings and Reviews - Unearth SEO Insights

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Optimizing Your Site’s Ratings & Reviews

90% of customer’s buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Make sure your review platform is delivering strong results with our expert advice including:

  • Strategies for an impactful UI.
  • Best practices for soliciting content through numerous channels.
  • Inspiration for getting more use out of your ratings and reviews content by utilizing it in other marketing channels.
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Improve the performance of your Ratings & Reviews solution with strategies straight from our product experts.

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