Flexible Review Forms and Sub-Ratings Customize your review forms to your products and categories to generate more helpful content for your customers. You can incorporate basic text box reviews as well as tailored questions related to your products, such as fit and sizing for apparel or performance and durability for an appliance.

Multimedia Reviews Enable your customers to upload pictures and videos, including YouTube content, to enrich their review and make the content more engaging. Integrate your Visual Commerce solution for a more seamless experience.

Full Omni-Channel Capability Left Arrow With full omni-channel capability it’s easier than ever for your customers to read and write reviews. Utilize in-mail reviews, in-store review calls to action, and a native SDK to display reviews and allow customers to write reviews in your app.

Review Syndication Left Arrow Syndicate your review content to your retailers or manufacturers to increase conversion across your supply chain. And make sure your reviews are displayed on Google Shopping Ads with syndication to Google.

Facebook Reviews Enable your customers to write reviews on your Facebook Business Profile, and then easily share that review content on your website.

User Friendly Moderation Dashboard Left Arrow Easily and efficiently moderate review content with an intuitive moderation dashboard. You can sort and filter reviews by product, department, review status, or star rating, quickly approve or disapprove the content, reply to customers directly, and assign the review to another team member or department for further inspection, all in one place.

Category Page Sorting Left Arrow Incorporate your Ratings and Reviews functionality into your category pages to allow customers to easily sort and find top rated products and best sellers.

Built for SEO Annex Cloud’s Ratings and Reviews are fully supported for SEO with rich snippets including microdata and microformats, as well as real time on-page content.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics Left Arrow Comprehensive reporting offers a wealth of insights about both your Ratings and Reviews solution as well as the way your customers perceive and use your products, and even how they refer and search for them. Gain insight with dashboards including Financial Reporting, Merchandising Reports, Product Performance Reviews, Keyword Cloud and more.

Fully Mobile Responsive and Adaptive All Ratings and Reviews solutions are mobile responsive and adaptive and support in-app use to ensure your customers have access to your UGC content no matter where they are.

Smart Engagement Algorithm Left Arrow With our proprietary Smart Engagement Algorithm, you can automatically optimize the timeframe in which you solicit review content from your customers. An algorithm factors historical data, product and category type, and customer response rate and tells you how long you should wait to solicit a review for the best response rate.

Comprehensive Review Authenticity: Review Badging In their UGC, customers value authenticity and reliability above all else. With Annex Cloud’s Ratings and Reviews, you can easily authenticate reviews are from verified buyers, and utilize review badges to boost customer confidence.

Native A/B Testing Utilize your A/B Test Reporting Dashboard to create and test a variety of review templates and analyze the success of each one.

Seamlessly Integrate Your ESP Ensure your customers are receiving thorough and seamless communication with email triggers set up through your admin. You can call specific template IDs and set triggers based on review activity or specific segments of users.

Relatable Sorting for Customers Make it easy for your customers to find reviews that are relevant to them. With social graph data your customers can find reviews “Close to Me” (location based) or “Similar to Me” (age and gender based). Use more categories relevant to your products such as age, expertise, concerns, and more to help your shoppers find what’s right for them.

Incorporate Net Promoter Score Add a Net Promoter Score to any review template, and customize your NPS question for how you would like to measure customer satisfaction.

Auto Moderation Left Arrow Make moderation easy with a profanity API and customized keyword list. A profanity API blocks profane content before it is submitted so customers can revise their content. A customized keyword list automatically blocks or flags reviews depending on the keyword.

Moderation Workflow: Merchandising Left Arrow Our moderation workflow enables you to deal with issues and respond to customer concerns efficiently. Within the moderation dashboard you can pass the review to the appropriate team such as Merchandising and add attribute tags such as “customer service issue” or “shipping issue.”

Native Loyalty Integration Left Arrow Incentivize customers with loyalty point rewards for every approved review to collect content quickly.

Native Sharing and Referral Capability Add sharing buttons to reviews so customers can share them with their friends and family through email and their social networks, and increase the number of people who see your product reviews. Add referral calls to action to turn customers into advocates.

Review Sentiment Alerts Left Arrow Resolve customer complaints quickly with alerts for rapid decreases in overall rating or 1-2 star ratings. Analyze overall customer sentiment of products with reporting segmentation based on positive or negative review comments and sorting based on custom segments such as fit or shipping issues.

Segmentation for Intelligent Campaign Building Left Arrow Show customers you really care and resolve issues quickly to boost lifetime value with intelligent segmentation. Segment customers by the sentiment and issues raised in their reviews and trigger emails to address their concerns directly.

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