It's often not enough to have a Ratings and Reviews solution on your site--customers need encouragement and incentives to post reviews. With a powerful solicitation engine and the right incentives you’ll have more review content than you know what to do with.

Ratings and Reviews solution
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Smart Engagement Algorithm

The timeframe in which you request a review can significantly impact the likelihood of a customer responding. With our Smart Engagement Algorithm, customer response data and product data are combined to determine the best time to send a post-purchase review request.

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In-Store Solicitation

Just because your customers are buying products in-store doesn’t mean you have to miss out on their reviews. With in-store solicitation you can utilize product packaging and receipt based calls to action to remind customers to write reviews. Customized receipt codes also allow you to verify that the review is authentic.

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In-Mail Reviews

Making it easier for customers to write reviews increases the likelihood they will, and what’s easier than writing one directly from their inbox? With in-mail reviews you can integrate a dynamic review form directly into your post purchase email template and empower customers to write reviews in one click.

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Seamless Customer Loyalty Integration

Integrate your loyalty program and boost engagement across booth solutions. With a seamless loyalty integration you reward customers with loyalty points for every approved review.

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Contest Incentives

With native contest integrations you can create powerful incentives for submitting quality reviews.

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