Put Your Customers First and Let them Do the Talking. Get Your Guide on How to Build an Advocacy Growth Engine.


1.Solicitation Email

After making a purchase your customers will receive an email asking them to write a review.

Ratings and Reviews - Solicitation Email

2.Review Form

Then customers can either write the review from their inbox or click through the email to land on a review form to write and submit a review.

Ratings and Reviews - Review Form

3.Admin Moderation

Once your customers submit a review, you will have the optionto screen and moderate the content.

Ratings and Reviews - Admin Moderation

4.Published Review

After the content is approved it will be posted to product pages,category pages and even search results to inform futurecustomers. You also have the opportunity to use the content in marketing efforts such as email campaigns.

Ratings and Reviews - Published Review


When a review has been submitted and approved, you have the opportunity to syndicate the content across a variety of web properties in your supply chain. For example, you can have the content posted on the retailer’s website who sells your products or on the manufacturer’s website who produces the products you sell.

Ratings and Reviews - Syndication


Finally, regularly monitor, measure, and optimize your Ratings and Reviews with comprehensive reporting. Your Ratings and Reviews dashboard shows everything from revenue impact to conversion rates, review coverage across your site, and sentiment analysis to help you better understand and help your customers.

Ratings and Reviews - Measure

Ratings and Reviews Integrations To Help Future Shoppers Stay More Informed

Ratings and Reviews Integrations

Ratings and Reviews Integrations

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