Broaden the reach of your Questions and Answers content so more customers have more information at the moment of purchase.

Our Content Syndication Network is a central source of Questions and Answers and other UGC content for manufacturers and retailers, different brands within a business, and more. Discover more!

For Manufacturers

Questions and Answers syndication distributes your fresh, keyword-rich Questions and Answers content to a vast network of retailers, boosting the strength of your brand name. You can also syndicate content from your retailers’ sites onto your own in order to bolster trust in your products and site.

For Retailers

Collect authentic Questions and Answers content for your product pages to inform your customers. Questions and Answers syndication directly connects you with manufacturers to ensure that all answers are correct and the product association process is smooth.

For Multiple Brands

If your team has multiple brands or sites that carry overlapping products, syndicating your Questions and Answers content to all of your relevant channels is a breeze. Our streamlined processes mean that you only have to moderate and approve Questions and Answers content once. After that, it shows up everywhere you want. Learn more here!