Both your team and your customers will benefit from Questions and Answers’ comprehensive features and robust capabilities.

Direct questions to the person most qualified to answer to ensure customer satisfaction. Some questions require a technical understanding of a product, while others need the subjective opinion of a fellow shopper. Our Questions and Answers solution lets you easily and rapidly route questions to the appropriate person, whether they’re a verified customer, brand advocate, or product expert.

Use triggered emails to quickly connect shoppers with verified customers who can answer their product-specific questions. When a question is submitted, you can automatically send an email to customers who previously purchased the same product. Satisfied customers provide speedy answers that help increase conversion. Combine this capability with customer loyalty incentives to improve answer response rates!

Utilize a three level moderation process. Left Arrow A combination of auto moderation, your team’s moderation, and Annex Cloud moderation helps ensure content is always helpful and meets your brand guidelines.

Content SyndicationLeft Arrow Take advantage of Questions and Answers syndication to distribute and collect content across your own brands and sites as well as those of your manufacturers or retailers.

Customized Designs and Functionality Customize the look and feel of your Questions and Answers platform to ensure it fits seamlessly into your website. Your customers will never know Annex Cloud is there.

Boost SEO ValueEnhance the SEO value of your site by regularly providing search engines with fresh, keyword-rich content. The Questions and Answers platform is fully mobile responsive and adaptive and supports rich snippets including microdata and microformats. Content is fetched dynamically but cached locally so you can deliver real time on-page content for the best SEO results.

Native Customer Loyalty Integration Boost customer participation and data insights by integrating Questions and Answers with Customer Loyalty and reward customers for submitting and answering questions.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics Left Arrow Take advantage of advanced reporting to draw insights from customers’ questions and regularly monitor engagement to ensure your Questions and Answers is delivering value.

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