Visual Commerce with PWA


Visual Commerce features and functionality are PWA compatible. End users can see the Image Gallery and Image Slider widgets on the configured pages respectively. End users would be able to see the widget images in offline mode. End users would be able to use and click on the images and product links when in offline mode. The user cannot load images in the widgets in offline mode. The user would not be able to share the images when offline. End users would be able to post reactions on the images in offline mode. Details would be updated when resumed online. The user would be restricted to not perform some actions like adding or uploading an image, deleting or cropping an image, and filtering through images in offline mode.

Progressive Web App for Visual Commerce


Visual Commerce is compatible with Annex Cloud’s Progressive Web App (PWA).

PWA is a website which has a look-and-feel like an application, but without an actual need of installation. Native experiences can be available on desktop and mobile devices, offering a better user experience than traditional websites.

How it Works


Annex Cloud Super Admin.

  • The feature is enabled for Loyalty, Refer a Friend, Questions & Answers, Ratings and Review, and Visual Commerce modules.

Annex Cloud APIs will also be compatible with PWA.

  • APIs would provide a cached response when called offline.
  • This feature can be enabled from the Annex Cloud Super Admin.

No additional script required for the usage of Loyalty PWA.

  • Features will work if JavaScript and other extensions of the code are used correctly.
  • The JavaScript and div tag provided by the Annex Cloud team, installed in web page header and footer, should be sufficient.

The solution would be installable on the end user’s side.

  • The customer website should be PWA compatible with the end user to use the Annex Cloud PWA solution.
  • The end user can install the website/web application on their web or mobile device.



Progressive web apps successfully help businesses increase conversions, page visits, and session length.


Leads to faster loading time of websites for end users.


Compatible to work in any browser.


Provides a custom offline page for end users to browse.


PWAs are installable as an app


These can also provide push notifications like native mobile apps.

Notification Feature

Notifications in PWA would be supported. Annex Cloud can trigger the notifications to the end user’s application based on the user parameter. The notifications can be directly triggered to the end users upon predefined actions.

There is also a provision where the customers can use Annex Cloud APIs to trigger notifications to the end users. Customers can use API to trigger notifications after desired events. An option can be provided where Annex Cloud would push updates to the customer using their APIs or Webhooks.


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