What You'll Learn:

Join our Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Carly Horn and our VP of Growth and Marketing, Chris Bechtel. We're tackling 2019 strategies that your customers need to be aware of, our biggest predictions for where loyalty marketing is headed next year, and of course an exclusive look out our product roadmap.

The Agenda:
  • 2019 Marketing Strategies Your Clients NEED to Start Working Towards
  • Loyalty Features Your Customers Shouldn’t Be Missing
  • AI Powered Loyalty
  • An Exclusive Look at Annex Cloud’s Product Roadmap
  • When to talk to your customers about Annex Cloud?
Date and Time:

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Who Should Watch:

Business development leaders, and sales teams at companies who are interested in partnering with Annex Cloud.


Chris Bechtel

Chris Bechtel,

VP Growth & Marketing,
Annex Cloud


Carly Horn

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships
and Business Development, Annex Cloud

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