The ecommerce landscape and customer needs are evolving rapidly. Acquisition costs are 60 - 70% higher than they were six years ago. And most B2C organizations lose more than 60% of their new customers annually. Now's the time to embrace and adaptive approach to win and retain customers. Together, Annex Cloud and Optimizely enable brands to create engaging experiences that reward and retain customers while accelerating growth

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Fully engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction, and bring in 23% more total revenue and profitability than newer customers

Source: Rosetta Consulting

20% of first-time customers

How Annex Cloud Loyalty Elevates the Optimizely Experiences

  • Adaptive Core
  • Adaptive Experience
  • Adaptive Relationship
  • B2C & B2B Commerce

  • Optimizely Data Platform

  • Web Experimentation

  • Collect Unique eCommerce Data
  • Push Unique First-party Data to ODP
  • Push Unique First-party Data to Web Experimentation
  • Increase retention / reduce churn
  • Know & reward your best customers
  • Increase customer spend with incentives
  • Identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Increase repeat orders
  • Deliver meaningful, unique personlization
  • More than 200 First-party data points
  • Deep member profiles
  • Individual attributes
  • Individual action profiles
  • Segmented profiles
  • Improve campaign performance
  • Drive advocacy
  • Remove guesswork from testing
  • Deliver unique, relevant experiences across every touchpoint, channel, and device
  • Continually learn more about customers to better understand, reward, and serve them
  • Incent most profitable behaviors
  • Drive better result across customer lifecycle
20% of first-time customers

Without a loyalty initiative, only 20% of first-time customers will make a second purchase

Source: Zodiac

Why Loyalty

Loyalty captures new data that unlocks opportunities across your entire ecosystem

Deep Member Profiles

Get a holistic view of all loyalty member attributes along with predictive scoring:

  • Loyalty ID
  • Opt-in Date
  • Available, Used, & Lifetime Points
  • Current & Next Tier
  • Points to Next Tier & Next Reward
  • Last Activity Date
  • Points to Expire & Expiration Date
  • Ways to Earn
  • Ways to Redeem

Data from Action

Behavioral data is captures as members engage across all channels:

  • Channel Engagement
  • Location
  • Cross-brand Purchase
  • Reward Redeemed
  • Social Posting
  • Onsite Visual Commerce
  • Onsite Q & A
  • Onsite Ratings & Reviews
  • Campaign & Event Participation

Custom Attributes

Create and capture unlimited attributes from profile questions, surveys, and contests:

  • Style Preferences
  • Lifestyle Preferences
  • Travel Preferences
  • Family and Pet Names
  • Vehicle Descriptions

Segmentation Engine

Combine recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) with any customer attributes to create highly targeted segments:

  • Newest Customers
  • Best Customers
  • Advocates
  • At Risk to Churn
  • Churned

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