Configurable B2B Loyalty for Unique Client Needs

Our robust loyalty solution for Optimizely Marketing and Commerce clients delivers full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty, so you can engage and reward customers no matter where they interact and shop. An experience-based approach adds value across the entire customer journey to build lifelong loyalty.

Market Movers Video Series

In this virtual DX Dialog with Alexander Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, dive deep in how companies foster loyalty by going beyond point programs.


Benefits to Brands

  • Seamlessly display loyalty details—from product and category pages through checkout confirmation
  • Increase average order value, repeat purchase rate, and customer lifetime value without discounting
  • Deepen engagement beyond transactions
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Increase renewals and references

Benefits to Customers

  • Gain timely, individualized, relevant experiences based on behaviors and preferences
  • Enjoy seamless shopping and loyalty experience
  • Get rewarded for interactions and behaviors beyond transactions


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