Break through the retailer wall, get to know your customers, and build lifetime loyalty for your brand.

Connect with customers from their very first purchase with purchase registration and create a channel to foster long-term customer loyalty.

Solving CPG Marketing Challenges:

Identify Your Customers

Identify the people who buy your products with purchase registration methods including receipt uploading, online receipt forwards, branded apps, packaging inserts, and retailer data API calls. Each method creates a way for your customers to connect with you after they have bought one of your products, share the product they bought, and sign up for your loyalty program.

Engage Your Customers

Now that you have connected with your new customer you can start engaging with them through your loyalty program. Offer rewards for a wide variety of actions from purchasing new products, to referring friends, writing reviews, sharing pictures, and entering contests. Purchase registration allows your customers to participate in your program whether they buy in-store or online.

Influence Your Customer’s Choices

As your customers participate and engage with your brand you can start building out a complete customer profile to create smarter marketing campaigns. Learn what types of products different customer segments like, find out what incentives motivate them to take action, and more.

Track and Foster Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Continuously monitor and optimize your omni-channel loyalty program with a comprehensive loyalty dashboard. Track customer activity, incentive performance, conversions and more.