Empowering Seamless Referrals

If you want to truly engage with your customers, you need to be everywhere they are. It’s increasingly common for shoppers to make a purchase using multiple devices, check their phones for deals while they’re in stores, and cross channels in other ways. In order to keep up, you have to offer seamless experiences that easily capture actionable data.

Annex Cloud’s Omni-Channel Referral Marketing is here to help. It facilitates referrals online, in-store, on mobile, and on social. Shoppers can easily use any channel they want, which increases customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Omni-Channel Referral Marketing

Enable Every Kind of Referral Interaction

Whether shoppers are on their phones, tablets, or desktops, or are shopping with your retail partners or at your own stores, their purchases and referrals fall into four main categories.

  • Online Referrals to Online Referrals
  • Online Referrals to Offline Referrals
  • Offline Referrals to Online Referrals
  • Offline Referrals to Offline Referrals

Online Referrals
Online referral marketing lets users share recommendations through email, social media, direct link, or direct code sharing.

Offline Referrals
With Annex Cloud’s omni-channel capabilities, referred customers can redeem their referral discounts in-store with code redemption, email lookup, or QR codes. Conversely, in-store shoppers can refer their friends with the help of receipt referral codes or e-receipts.

Online referral marketing

Capitalize on Powerful Analytics

Referral Marketing dashboards let you easily track referrals across all channels. See both big-picture and granular data about which messages, incentives, and media your audience responds to. Pinpoint your strongest advocates and thank them for spreading the word, and find the users who need a push in the right direction.

Most importantly, get precise and accurate data on the success of your omni-channel referral marketing solution. Our dashboards offer comprehensive reports on conversion, ROI, and more so you know that your solution is earning its keep.

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