Annex Cloud Introduces Groundbreaking Omni-Channel Referral Program
Capabilities to Its Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing Platform

Annex Cloud--the only software vendor with a complete platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions--has just launched exclusive omni-channel features for its Refer a Friend solution, thereby giving its enterprise clients game-changing acquisition capabilities.

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only software vendor with a complete platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, has recently launched new omni-channel capabilities for its best of breed Refer a Friend solution. It is the first customer referral software vendor to develop these enhanced omni-channel offerings.

Refer a Friend, which is part of Annex Cloud’s larger Sharing and Referrals suite of software, is now fully enabled for four kinds of referral interactions:

  • Online Purchase to Online Purchase
  • Online Purchase to Offline Purchase
  • Offline Purchase to Online Purchase
  • Offline Purchase to Offline Purchase

Referrals are usually shared online via email, social media, direct link, or direct code sharing. With Annex Cloud’s omni-channel capabilities, referred customers can redeem their referral discounts in-store with code redemption, email lookup, or QR codes. Conversely, in-store shoppers can refer their friends with the help of receipt referral codes or e-receipts. For more details about these features, click here.

The power of these capabilities is amplified by Annex Cloud’s Smart Engagement Algorithm (SEA), which optimizes the timing of requests for engagement. When Omni-Channel Refer a Friend is combined with Annex Cloud’s other customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions like Omni-Channel Customer Loyalty, Visual Commerce, User Generated Content, or Social Login, merchants get greater ROI, even more engagement, and a more unified view of the customer journey.

For example, Annex Cloud’s latest case study illustrates how a client with Sharing and Referrals and Social Login saw a 10:1 ROI and a 38% increase in orders. Meanwhile, enterprise clients with hundreds of brick and mortar locations have already signed on for Omni-Channel Refer a Friend.

According to Al Lalani, Founder and Chief Strategist at Annex Cloud, “Referrals are a hallmark of some of the most successful businesses of the past 10 years. There’s absolutely no reason why the enormous growth that Refer a Friend can generate should be limited to the online-only world. We want to help our clients forge deeper connections with their customers, wherever they are, and we’re so pleased to be doing that.”

ABOUT Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud offers the only complete customer loyalty and advocate marketing platform that transforms browsers into loyal brand advocates. The unified platform of Customer Loyalty, User Generated Content, Social Login, Refer a Friend, and Visual Commerce solutions work together to deliver comprehensive customer data and seamless customer experiences. Learn more about our platform, fully managed services, and pre-built integrations at

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