The complete Customer Loyalty solution with Netsuite and Annex Cloud engages your customers and motivates them to choose your brand no matter where, when or how they are shopping. An experience-based approach helps proactively guide your customer’s behavior. From repeatedly purchasing to writing reviews, referring friends, connecting to your social media channels, and much more, you can create a customer journey that fosters genuine and lasting loyalty.


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Annex Cloud seamlessly integrates with SuiteCommerce Advanced, SuiteCommerce In-Store & ERP

Customer Loyalty Solution for netsuite

Customer Loyalty + NetSuite Shpifyplus Customer Loyalty

Add a loyalty data layer to your ERP with Loyalty program integration. Incorporate data points such as loyalty point status, loyalty redemption rate, revenue driven by your loyalty program, RFM data, and social and behavioral actions. Customer loyalty data provides a deeper understanding of your customers and enhances communication and overall marketing strategies.

Key Loyalty Program
Shpifyplus Customer Loyalty

  • Cutting-Edge Promotional Engine
  • Loyalty Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • Advanced Segmentation with RFM Analysis
  • Native In-Store Program Support
  • Loyalty iOS and Android SDKs
  • Pre-Built POS Integration
  • Integrated Online Checkout Redemption
  • Support for B2B and Manufacturer Loyalty Programs
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrated Social and Behavioral Actions

Loyalty-Netsuite Guide

Shpifyplus Referal Marketing

Referral Marketing + NetSuite Shpifyplus Referal Marketing

The flexibility of Annex Cloud’s Referral Marketing empowers you to build a strategy that works for your team and delivers on your goals. Whether you want your referral solution to reward for referral-driven purchases, oer an extra treat to your customers who just bought, or reward customers for signing up for your email list, you can implement a variety of actions across numerous channels. And, with seamless NetSuite integration, incorporating referrals into your omnichannel marketing strategy is easier than ever.

Key Referral
Marketing Features
Shpifyplus Referal Marketing

  • Referral Marketing TouchPoint Strategy
  • Native Product Sharing with SCA
  • Built-In Fraud Prevention
  • Top Influencer Reporting
  • Customizable Referral Campaigns
  • Tailored Referral Rewards
  • Customizable Reporting and Analytics
  • Native Customer Loyalty Integration
  • GDPR Compliant

Referral-NetSuite Guide

user-generated for netsuite

User Generated Content + NetSuite Shpifyplus Usergenerated Content

Collect more effective user generated content (UGC) and customer data with Annex Cloud’s comprehensive Visual Commerce, Ratings & Reviews, and Questions & Answers solutions. Innovative sentiment analysis unearths customer insights to help improve everything from merchandising to marketing and customer service. Eortlessly add UGC forms, content, and galleries to your website with a UGC platform built for your NetSuite website.

Key User Generated
Content Features
Shpifyplus Usergenerated Content

  • Efficient Moderation and Curation Dashboards
  • Content Syndication
  • Customizable Form Fields with CRM Integration
  • Smart Engagement Algorithm
  • Fully Integrated Rights Management
  • UGC Platform Code Built for NetSuite
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
  • Fully Mobile Responsive and Adaptive

UGC-Netsuite Guide

Annex Cloud for NetSuite: Guiding Customer Behavior

During this informative webinar, learn how Annex Cloud seamlessly integrates with SuiteCommerce Advanced, SuiteCommerce In-Store & ERP

customer success team

A Customer Success Team Not a Customer Service Team

Annex Cloud prides itself on an industry leading Customer Success Team. Our team is focused on guiding you through every step to launch and continuously optimize your Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, User Generated Content programs.