Annex Cloud Announces Enhanced Multi-Brand Customer Loyalty and Advocate
Marketing Capabilities

Multi-Brand Solutions Let Corporations Unify Marketing Across All Channels and Brands

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Los Angeles, CA: Annex Cloud, the only vendor with a complete platform of Customer Loyalty and Advocate Marketing solutions, has launched revamped multi-brand capabilities for its best-of-breed software.

Multi-brand customer loyalty and advocate marketing software lets marketers implement and aggregate customer loyalty programs, ratings and reviews, questions and answers, visual commerce, and referral programs across their various brands, sites, stores, apps, and social media.

By doing so, they ensure that customers have a seamless experience across all brands. Users can make purchases from various brands online, in-store, or elsewhere and earn loyalty points that go to a central customer dashboard and can be redeemed with any brand. With user generated content, marketers can easily syndicate reviews, questions and answers, photos, and videos across all relevant brands and channels in just one step.

At the same, marketers and analysts enjoy access to unprecedented amounts of unified data that illustrates consumer movements, interactions, and purchases across all brands or by a specific brand. This information includes:

  • Customer loyalty and advocate marketing data
  • Purchase data, including recency, frequency, and average order value
  • Location of purchase or delivery
  • Product or type of product purchased
  • Interactions with a brand or multiple brands in-store, online, in-app, or on social
  • Any data imported from CRM, ESP, ERP, personalization engine, or other third-party data source

This empowers them to market to those shoppers with unparalleled precision, resulting in increased conversions, higher average order values, boosted repeat purchase rates, and impressive ROI.

For more details and client examples, don’t miss this blog post.

Annex Cloud Founder and Chief Strategist Al Lalani notes, “One of Annex Cloud’s points of pride has always been enhanced data insights and a much more unified experience for both customers and marketers, compared to any point-solution vendor.

Now that we’ve upgraded our abilities for multi-brand customer loyalty and advocate marketing programs, there’s an additional dimension in terms of customer profiles and customer experience. This suddenly gives corporations a much more granular view of all facets of their businesses, which gives their marketing teams unprecedented ammunition for holistic, lifecycle marketing.”

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