Goal Alignment


To ensure the success of the program, it’s about setting the right expectations for the customer. How can I improve customer retention? How can I increase social media engagement? We’ll go over micro-goals such like increasing repeat purchase rate and lowering cost per acquisition. We’ll also touch upon the macro-goals, like building better customer relationships and increasing profitability. All of those lingering questions will be touched upon here.


Micro-Goals for Customer Loyalty:

  • Influence Repeat Purchase Rate
  • Build an Engaged Social Media Community
  • Lower Cost Per Acquisition
  • Collect Customer Data for Segmentation

Macro-Goals for Customer Loyalty:

  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Differentiate from Competition
  • Assist in New Product Research
  • Increase Margin & Profitability


During the discovery stage, we take all of the marketing documentation and customer data to gain a deep insight into your business. We analyze who the end consumer is, their buyer persona, and what channels they use to purchase. We then dig into your existing marketing strategy to see what is being done and what can be done more effectively. What are you doing with your email strategy? Who’s your competition and where are you positioned in the market? Are there any data integrations, analytics, or other tech infrastructures that you’re using that we should know about?

Customer Loyalty Discovery Topics:

  • End Consumer
  • Business Teams & Processes
  • Customer Marketing Strategy
  • Partners & Competition in the Industry
  • Technology Infrastructure & Integrations

Define and Design


In this phase, we begin defining the process to design the ideal program for your business. We use historical sales, customer surveys, and marketing data to determine what your personalized plan should include and which team members own each process. We also put an infrastructure in place for your team to collect more key data, such as KPI and success metrics.

We then go through the customer journey to get a better understanding of their persona and design a program around it. We dive into program structure, including member benefits, rewards, and tiers. What sort of user experience do we want? What tech should we incorporate to optimize performance? What support services, promotions, and management does this program require? Here is where all of that is structured into a custom marketing strategy with personalized incentives and a dedicated support team.


What We Use to Define:

  • Customer Surveys & Historical Data
  • Financial Models & Success Metrics
  • Business Process Ownership by Department
  • Customer Experience, Personas, & Journey

What We Need to Design:

  • Program Structure
  • User Experience & Creative Design
  • Marketing & Tech Plan
  • Program Management Processes


Now we are finally ready to deliver a complete strategic plan with comprehensive steps to achieve your business’ core objectives. This is where we present to you the complete program documentation along with design and intended strategy. We understand that since this is a complete business process change, we want to make sure all teams are ready for it. It outlines all individual roles, who’s responsible for what, and which KPIs each person owns.

We dive into the strategic marketing plan, how to scale it, and how to regularly manage it. We lay out your specific customer journey with maps to help you increase profitability and create true loyalty with your consumers. By explaining every nuance of your program from new tech integrations to program scaling, we’re setting you up for success. And if you have trouble, your dedicated program support team will be there to explain it every step of the way.

What We'll Deliver:

  • Complete Program Documentation
  • Business Process Change Structure
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Complete Customer Journey
  • Technology RoadMap Documentation
  • Program Management & Support