Engage, Reward, and Retain Your Best Customers

B2C acquisition costs are more than 60% higher than they were six years ago—and most B2C companies lose more than 60% of their new customers annually. Discounts don’t help you stand out and cut into margins. The Magento and Annex Cloud unified platform enables you to leverage robust loyalty to deliver value at every touchpoint, go beyond transactional relationships, and reduce churn by engaging customers from their first interaction.

Benefits to Brands

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value— Increase AOV, frequency, and repeat purchase rate.
  • Increase Customer Acquisition— Turning your best customers into advocates, increasing referrals, and leveraging influencers help you gain new customers while improving margin.
  • Deliver a Truly Omnichannel Experience— Collect and leverage first-party data at scale to deliver individualized interactions across all touchpoints, including POS, Native Receipt Scanning, Mobile, Social, and more.
  • Identify and Reward Your Best Customers— Bain & Co. report 80% of your future profits will come from 20% of your loyal customers. Collect first-party data at scale to build a comprehensive 360-degree profile of your best customers to enable meaningful engagement at every touchpoint throughout their entire journey.
  • Drive Growth without Discounting— Seamless integration provides real-time data transfer of more than 30 data points to the eCommerce platform to deliver value-based engagement between purchases, building lasting emotional bonds while increasing sales.
  • Reduce Churn— Keep customers coming back and stand out from online marketplaces by delivering value customers can’t find anywhere else, such as exclusivity, early access to deals, and more.
  • Anticipate Customer Behaviors & Needs— Leverage sophisticated data and analytics to anticipate what customers want next and individualize messaging and interactions to fit those preferences.deals, and more.
Benefits to Brands
Benefits to Brands

Benefits to Consumers

  • Increased Relevancy— Receive communications and offers tailored to their specific preferences, behaviors, and lifestyle.
  • Individualized Seamless Experience— Receive communications and offers Enjoy a relevant, individualized experience no matter how or where they interact with your brand.
  • Mutual Value Exchange— Know they’re engaging with and buying from a brand that truly understands who they are, what they’re looking for, and uses the data they share to deliver a unique, meaningful experience.
  • Easily Redeem Rewards— Loyalty members can easily see their rewards status and redeem rewards no matter how or where they engage.

Increase Acquisition, Conversion, and Retention

Annex Cloud seamless integrates with Magento 2.X platforms

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Incorporate data points such as loyalty point status, redemption rate, loyalty-driven revenue, RFM data, and social and behavioral actions

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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers to improve marketing performance

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Easily add loyalty status, points, and rewards across your site—from product to checkout pages, and more

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Streamline reviews, Q&A, social commerce

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Reward more than just purchases to build emotional bonds

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Customizable rewards, including coupons, merchandise, gift cards, and more

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Advanced promotional engine with RFM integration

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Full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty support


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